The Endless tide of Humanity

Throughout the past few weeks we have been inundated with a never ending stream of videos related to this very real issue.

The war in Syria was for a long time something we considered from a distance. Sure, DAESH were making gains and seemed to be uncontainable. Before long it was feared we’d be facing terror attacks on our very doorstep and indeed it was not long before the Charlie Hebdo massacre occured.

Time passed and the Syrian conflict faded from the public eye just as that in Ukraine had. The people became concerned with this and that celebrity and perhaps how to make ends meet and make a buck or two.

This is of course a highly simplistic rendition of events and the truth is far more complex. In between war between more fronts and actors than you can shake a stick at, a Europe which had nonchalantly relegated the burden of immigration onto unwilling partners Italy, Spain, Malta and Greece among others suddenly had its hand forced by the unannounced arrival of a multitude of economic migrants on its doorstep demanding to go to Germany or Sweden.

Germany facing a demographic time bomb opened its arms to accept migrants in a marriage of convenience with the aim of simultaneously supplying their economy with cheap labour, and trying to feed the crocodile to prevent it from eating you. A Germany already inundated with millions of Muslims can ill-afford to be seen to be acting in a “racist” manner. The spectre of the Great War also looms over the country like a dark shadow.

The Germans are quick to be accused of being Nazis if they but dare to voice the most timid of objections to the dominant leftist culture of Europe in general. You can be sure that if Germany were to give these immigrants the cold shoulder, they would seriously aggravate millions of people who might find reason to vent their anger in a way that would cause great hurt and pain to the country.

Meanwhile, Europe bends over backwards, powered by a media machine which pushes images of poor children to the fore, ignoring the fact that not only are a large number of the survivors of the migration young males of military age, but also that they could easily be harbouring members of ISIS. While a few months ago we were all in terror at the seeming invincibility of this most terrible of terror organizations we are now practically begging them to establish sleeper cells in Europe. Not a smart move by any means and I do fear that by forcibly integrating large numbers of people into Europe, we may be sowing the seeds of our own demise. We’re not Nero watching Rome burn. We are too busy gathering the firewood to make it happen.

What should be done? Alas How many of us wish we had the answer to this one. The human side of the tragedy cannot be denied and the cost is there to be seen. Nobody with half a heart enjoys seeing others die, but we have not carefully considered the long term implications of this influx. It may well set a precedent that may see our continent spiral down the economic ladder, our way of life and standard of living irrevocably destroyed by our importing the Syrian War into our own backyard all while the United States sits pretty an ocean away concerned with its own affairs and carefully guarding its own borders.

It’s still early to say what the aftermath of all this will be but I fear for our future. I understand that those whose country has no immediate future would want to come here but we’re sorely neglecting the old maxim that charity begins at home. We need to find a way to help Syrians without compromising our own safety and security. Otherwise it’s a lose-lose situation for Europeans. In spite of incompetent politicians here’s to hoping we’ll be a Europe that saves lives but also protects and defends European heritage and our way of life and prosperity.



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