Travel As A Way Of Life

It’s been quite a ride returning to Malta. I’ve had many experiences and gained many insights and yet a year and a half is a hell of a long time to spend in any country.
I’m almost thirty and thanks to a healthy lifestyle and diet, blessed with physical fitness that most could only ever dream of, and yet, life has become somewhat predictable. My dream of travelling the world remains as strong as ever and the epic Austr/Asia trip lingers in the memory. It will not be assuaged. It will not be forgotten.
It is time to move on to the next exciting chapter and succeed at a new challenge; that of working overseas and increasing individual net worth. It has become increasingly apparent that the best way to secure the sort of travel lifestyle I dream about is to combine my natural tendency to live a simple lifestyle, with a higher income that comes with working overseas.
Why not, in this age of globalization, take advantage of the fact that salaries vary across the earth. Why not leverage this to maximize returns while not necessarily increasing costs?
In 2016, I plan to make this move. It will be easy, and exhilarating, and an opportunity to grow past the current comfort zone. It is always a challenge to leave family behind but they will understand that the mission of liberating myself from the need to work for a living is both a worthy, and an achievable goal, and that I must make it work my own way. I feel that life is a far richer experience when one is not bound by the need to trade hours for money and make others richer, and can instead focus on self-development and encompassing the full extent of the wonders of the earth we live in.
I hope and believe that 2016 will also be a year of change of wonder for you, and a foundation stone on which to build a brighter, more prosperous future following your dreams!

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